Readings and Lessons

Currently I no longer read in Boulder, as I have moved to Durango, Colorado.

If you like the content of my blog and would like a reading either in person, over the phone, or even over the internet, feel free to contact me using the form below.

I want to share a bit about my approach, so you can know what to expect – and what not to. I do not call myself a psychic, and my style is not very predictive. You may ask questions about the future, and I may offer predictions as possibilities, but not exclusive ones – my readings emphasize possibility and choice. I will never offer you expensive soul treatments or curse removals, my readings are focused firmly on wellness, compassion, and growth.

I welcome all kinds of questions, but I am not a physician, psychologist, tax lawyer, or other professional. Tarot readings can be insightful, inspiring encounters that can relax the mind and soothe the heart, and so I strive the make each reading as constructive and fun as possible.

Aside from receiving readings, tarot cards can be a fantastic tool for cultivating intuition and wisdom. Becoming an entertaining and helpful tarot reader is a satisfying journey, and if reading for others isn’t your goal tarot study by itself offers a private tool for contemplation and enjoyment of life’s mysteries.

If you would like to schedule a lesson or reading, please use the contact form below!

Private Readings

A professional Tarot reading can be an entertaining and relaxed way to explore yourself and your life through Tarot cards.

My style is grounded and fun, and I deeply respect your privacy. I also can do readings over the Phone or Internet if desired!

Lighthouse Books (Boulder)
1201 Pearl Street
Under Ben & Jerry’s 
Not Currently ScheduledIf you can’t schedule a reading with me, but are curious, I recommend the Lighthouse’s excellent Tarot readers and Astrologers.

Readings at the Lighthouse are $20 for 20 minutes, and $1/Minute after that.

Tarot Parties

Have a get-together! Small groups of friends can enjoy getting readings together from a professional Tarot Reader right in the comfort of your home.

Event Readings

Holding a party, open house, or fundraiser? A Tarot Reader may add fun and depth to your event!

All readings have a rate of $30 per 20 minutes. Tips & Donations gratefully accepted!
Contact me if you’d like to hear other payment options.